Technical Illustration / Graphic Design

Company Newsletter

Client: ICPS

ICPS wanted to create a quarterly newsletter for it's customer. The newsletter needed to be printed and downloaded on their  website.  I used Adobe InDesign to create a modular template, which can be used for future editions.

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Product Illustrations

Client: Katadyn / Optimus

I'm creating a series of illustration for use in operation manuals and product guides. The client wanted the same, look and feel throughout the entire product line. I am working with their art director to replace old, bitmap art work, with new, clean vector artwork.

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Product Brochures

Client: Schwing Bioset

Schwing Bioset wanted a series of Application reports highlighting the use of their products out in the field. I designed a layout consistant to with literature I have produced for them in the past.

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Product Guides

Client: AbleNet

AbleNet wanted to provide it's customer, the best user experience they could - right out of the box. These product guides were designed to give customers a simple overview of how the product functions. Easy to understand illustrations and text were provided to assist the end user.

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