Technical Illustration / Graphic Design

Personal History

Born and raised in St. Paul Minnesota, I graduated from Irondale High School in 1990. Upon graduation, I attended Bemidji State University. My original plan was to obtain my degree in Architectural Model Building. For that degree I had to take several courses in Graphic Design. Needless to say I was hooked. I graduated with a degree in Technical Illustration/Graphic Design in 1994.


My first job out of college was Metsys Engineering, located in Eden Prairie, MN. I was hired as a  Technical Illustrator, but learned multimedia development and

3-D modeling.


In March of 1997 I was hired by Schwing America Inc. where I'm at today. I started out as a Technical Illustrator in their Publications department and then moved on to the Training Department. I developed interactive multimedia projects and publications for use in training of operators and mechanics.


I have recently been named Publications Supervisor, where I oversee a team of illustrators responsible for creating and maintaining parts books and assembly manuals.


Throughout the years I have worked with many clients on a freelance basis. I enjoy working with entrepreneurs and watching their businesses grow. Please be sure to visit my Portfolio page and check out samples of my work.